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Casablanca Marrakech via desert Morocco grand tour get to spend an amazing 9 days and visit Moroccan imperial cities (Fez,Mekness,Marrakech,Rabat) and sahara desert.
Join Fes to Meknes Volubilis Day Trip and step back into the Roman history. Discover the surviving ruins, the  magnificent buildings, and mysterious secrets of one of the most powerful empires in history.  
1 Day
Your memorable journey would be to the blue heart of Morocco on a day trip from Fez to chefchaouen. Wandering through the windy narrow streets and discovering the authentic, calm side of Morocco. Your Fes to Chefchaouen Day trip starts […]
1 Day

Fes Cooking Class

/ per person
The best way to discover the magical secrets of a certain culture would be by knowing the secrets of its own food. But when it comes to the irresistible Moroccan food. There will be millions of secrets to unravel. On […]
Luxury Fez Tours provides you with the impressive secrets of the Moroccan handicrafts. The mysteries of its treasures and its irresistible cuisine,  trying the most delicious street food and tempting traditional Moroccan plates.    

Fes cultural day tour

/ per person
Luxury Fez Tours would help you explore the beaten heart of Morocco and its surviving Empire. On Fes Cultural Day Tour we would introduce you to the real Moroccan Culture hidden in every corner of Fes the Old City. We […]
1 Day
You will start our Fes Desert Tours 2 Days by leaving Fes the old city heading towards the calm towns and green regions of the spectacular Middle Atlas, passing by the marvelous views of the mountains and charming Berber villages. […]
2 Days
Exceptional Fez tour, Fes guided Medina tour, & local family invitation Fez  Medina Guided Tour would introduce you to the marvelous Moroccan culture. Discovering the most everlasting traditions and the impressive everyday life.    
1 Day
Fes-Marrakech through Marzoga tour from the  high Atlas Mountains all the way through the warm desert of Marzouga . With Luxury Fes tours you’ll explore multiple historical ;amazing places then you’ll taste the delicious Moroccan food.  
5 days /4 nights

Fez guided tour

/ per person
In Fez Guided Tour You will start it by picking you up at 09:30 AM from your Hotel or Riad in Fes and driving you towards the captivating sites and old monuments of the ancient city. First, on your Fes Guided Tour, […]
4 - 6 hours
On Fez Ramparts Half-Day Tour. Discover the green and authentic beauty of Morocco. Visiting its beautiful green gardens. Huge towers. Captivating fountains and spectacular huge gates. We will start our Ramparts; Gardens, Panoramic view Half-Day Tour by picking you up […]
Your memorable Fez to Chefchaouen Tour 2 Days will take you to a marvelous blue town hidden between the high cliffs of The Rif Mountains. Join our Fes to Chefchaouen 2 Days tour and enjoy the spectacular charm of Chefchaouen the […]
1 Day
Luxury Fez Tours introduces Fez to Marrakech 3 days desert tour, the real Moroccan beauty, discovering its hidden charm and impressive cultures. Moving from the cold Middle Atlas Mountains to the hottest spot of the Majestic Moroccan Sahara.    
3 Days
Luxury Fes Tours will take you to the marvelous side of the authentic country. Starting from the oldest core of Morocco, passing by the cold Middle Atlas Mountains to the exotic hot Sahara.  
4 Days
Luxury Fez Tours would take you to a remarkable destination hidden in between the high Mountains of The Middle Atlas. Your Fez to Middle Atlas day trip starts by picking you up from your Hotel in Fes the oldest city in […]

Fez To Rabat Day Trip

/ per person
Luxury Fes Tours would guide you through the charming capital of Morocco, the captivating Rabat City. We will introduce you to the old monuments and spectacular historical sites. As you discover the hidden beauty and unique charm of the tremendous […]
Enjoy an amazing Fez Sefrou Bhalil day trip, explore Sefrou famous waterfalls and landscapes. 9 :30 or 10 :30 you’ll get a free pick up from Hotel/ Riad in air-conditioned vehicle. Fez Sefrou Bhalil day trip (Berber town Sefrou) First of all. […]
Luxury Fez tours propose for travel lovers a unique trip. Fez to Taza day trip, the best opportunity to enjoy amazing views,nature,mountains and stay away from all the city noise. Also the perfect place to take superb pictures. 8 :30h-9 […]
Luxury Fez Tours is pleased to present you this must-take Fez to Volubilis and Meknes day trip, Volubilis, Moulay Idriss, and Meknes. This Fez to Volubilis and Meknes day trip starts at the spiritual city Fez; our professional driver will pick […]
1 Day
Our first day of Tangier to Fez via Meknes and Volubilis Tour will start by picking you up from your accommodation or airport in Tangier to head toward one of the most amazing cities in Morocco, the city which most […]
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